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First up (or down) yesterday were the Main Frame Foundations. Jim is hugely excited by the possibilities of Surefoot Foundations; a radical (yes indeed) new system that operates like roots, is reversible, and uses no concrete. So in a way, our main frame is a quartet of trees, and yesterday they were rooted into the earth, in the space of an hour and with relatively simple equipment. It may not look pretty, but it does the job, and stability is hugely important for what will go on above.  And from certain angles, the whole thing looks like it hasn’t quite landed (as does everyone else in this photo)

Balustrade Day 25

After the relief of getting this done so efficiently and with so little disturbance to the ground, everything quietened down: more shingles were made and for the rest of the day we worked on joists, floorboards and the curvy front balustrade.

Balustrade Day 24

Looking down

And then everyone went home, after nearly 10 hours work. As the sun set in a pink sky, I wandered over to the site, and this is what was happening: the structure and the trees were almost indistinguishable from one another.

Balustrade Day 20

Last light

You can see this even better in this photo I took this morning.

Balustrade Day 23

First light – It’s SO beautiful!