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Pressing 1 for blog

Fiona Hingston came over today to help me sort out the woodwork workshop, with a view to setting up a small letterpress studio in the space created. At the end of a long and satisfying tidying session it seemed appropriate to take down Fiona’s Pressings from last year’s Amazing Space exhibition. The first one we took down startled us completely. The glass that they had been behind had reflected the landscape, to the extent that you couldn’t quite see what was happening to the pieces themselves. What we could now see on the one pictured above was that the the leaves, picked in the summer, had had their very own change to Autumn behind the glass; such subtle shades and incredibly beautiful. They also smelled of Autumn. The next four had not changed so much as they had been gathered earlier in the year, and had already had their Autumn:

Pressing 2 for blogPressing 3 for blogPressing 4 for blogPressing 5 for blog

Lovely to see them so clearly again, and I shall miss them! Thank you, Fiona, they are brilliant.




Roundel 1 for blog

Fiona Hingston’s ‘Pressings’ for the Amazing Space exhibition were easy to see with the naked eye, but the camera only wanted to see the reflections. Consequently, although these are very photogenic, I don’t feel the Pressings themselves have been seen properly, not online, anyway, and they are exquisite images. So today I tried again, and by doing close ups and odd angles, I’ve managed the following photographs. The reflections are still muscling in on the act, but in a more secondary role.

Roundel 2 for blogPressings for blog 4Pressings for blog 3Pressings for blog 10Pressings for blog 7Pressings for blog 5