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I’ve just spent 50 electric minutes watching and singing along to this video. I’ve never seen the video before, but am completely familiar with all the songs – John Cartwright and Jaki Whitren lived at the Dove from 1983 – 7: they are the ‘musiciens extraordinaires that I refer to in the book about the Dove we are publishing this autumn. Here they are, together with Jaki’s son Joby Baker on drums (Joby was a ‘Dove Kid’ during those years, and he speaks of how he grew up thinking that everyone played bass and piano and drums and sang didn’t they?) and Dave Bull on bass. The songs are all written by John and sung by Jaki, and listening to them reminded me – as if I needed reminding – how fortunate we Dovies were during those years to have such brilliant musicians in our midst, how much they taught us – and continue to teach us all. And John will be putting together the musical offering we are giving at the opening of Amazing Space on September 19th: The Celebration of the Dove.

If you too want to have an electric 50 minutes of music, pull up a chair, press play and enjoy the gig.

Bron Bradshaw