Site specific work

Blog 1

On Wednesday 5th June, 6 artists started a week’s residency at the Dove. They are Fiona Hingston, Kathryn John, Sue Palmer, Shannon Leah Watson, Sophie Willoughby, and host/instigator Bronwen Bradshaw. The idea is to spend time together to create site specific work for the Dove meadow, to be show during SAW ’19 this Autumn. Collaboration is our aim, and that extends to making lunch – here we all are.

Blog 16

And here Sue is displaying the ‘theme’ for Wednesday morning. Though we are supposed to Start by not Knowing, so had to be reminded by a biscuit tin that it was indeed Wednesday morning.


After quite a bit of talking and then walking round the site, we made a start and got to work. Including the bumble bees: Bombus hypnorum, who have a nest in the Door House verandah, and provide a companionable background buzz to our activities there.

Blog 3

The Door House is our meeting place, library and cafe. It’s been a lovely comfortable space for inspiring and  revealing discussions, including help, ideas and support for each other.

Day Two: a beautiful day which Sue and Kathryn kicked off with some meditative activities, followed by most people spending time outside.


Day Three felt like we were starting to get into our stride. We were mostly in the studio as the weather wasn’t so good. Shannon came back from a day’s absence during which she had taught herself to knit dishcloths. She has a plan involving dishcloths – more on this later.


And day four, today, is a home day of rest and reflection. Everyone comes back tomorrow for the final two days. This project has been so enjoyable and challenging that I can’t wait. Watch this space.