ShedIve just had a go at tidying and strimming around the Green Shed. Then I stepped back from it and took this photo in the beautiful early evening light, and now, looking at it, i am having a bit of a moment.  It looks great, just as it is. It is a painting in itself. BUT, big but, my original intention, to suggest this as a canvas for a painting commission, was based on the fact that sooner rather than later it needs renovation, ie painting, if it is to survive as a shed. The paint is peeling and rot is setting in here and there. But what a conundrum. Maybe it’s just the photo I need to keep, and not the shed in this condition. Over to you, Pennie Elfick, minimalist painter whose work and intentions I trust completely. What’s your response to this? Everything is still fluid, nothing set….


Shed sanded down

Shed sanded down

More sanding

More sanding

First undercoat

First undercoat


White shed with willows

Ah, now it’s plain to see that the willows and the shed must relate – will relate to each other.


  1. Pennie said:

    I have just seen this photo, how that shed changes depending on the light! Just what I like and try to create in my paintings, this way the work always seems to be different and take on a life of its own. I am still up for this challenging project but if you want to keep it as it is…………..


    • Pennie said:

      I haven’t quite mastered the blog, ‘edit’ seems to be elusive! However, I have made good progress with paint info and will head to Brewers – the internet is a wondrous thing! The shed, perhaps we should just name it ‘Shed’, looked fantastic with the shadows that the roof was casting on the side today, I am really looking forward to starting!


      • penelope48 said:

        I love the photos etc from the workshops etc, but I need to explain the ‘still life’ this was one of two set ups the other one was about three times as big and used lots of boxes/sticks/rope and everything else that would make good shapes, the point of these monsters was to enable students to make ‘blind’ drawings, this was done by covering a piece of drawing paper with a piece of newspaper, which was taped down, as this makes cheating almost impossible, they then took a line for a continuous walk on the drawing paper! Working in this way stops that terrible ‘this is wrong’ thought, and they are usually completely amazed by what is achieved, these shapes can then be used in other ways. The photos of the drawings were about different ways of dividing a rectangle, which interestingly they all found very difficult. This was a challenging workshop and everyone approached all the projects with great enthusiasm.

        The colour workshop was also great as everyone suddenly realised how many wonderful colours they could make with the primary colours, and as would be expected each student although using the same basic colours produced very different ranges of colour. Once the paint is dry the tapes will be removed and a fantastic colour chart appears!

        It was a great weekend with so much creative energy bouncing around, more please!

        I have forgotten how to add images, as with all things, it is easy when you remember how!


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