Wild Lea grasses for email

Wild Lea, bought in 2015 by a group of people who own the land around it, and put in trust for nature conservation/re-wilding

Two years ago, in October 2015, the Dove held a far-ranging celebration in conjunction with Somerset Art Weeks. This blog followed the exhibition that was the major event: Amazing Space. Documentation of the process can be found in this blog.

Now, in 2017, we are looking further afield, to the lands surrounding the Dove and the different ecological projects that are being undertaken there. One of the most groundbreaking of these was the purchase, in December 2015, of the field that linked all the other lands together (see photo). It was bought as a joint project by people whose land adjoins it, and will be jointly managed and held in trust as a re-wilding project: Wild Lea.

Amazing Space II: an exhibition and event to be held in September and October 2017, in conjunction with Somerset Art Works Festival 2017, will consist of the following:

A tree house with a library, a loom and a view.

A visual celebration of a return to the land in this corner of Butleigh.

A road trip through the tribal lands of the American Southwest.

Pottery using local materials for slips and glazes.

So the emphasis will be on the land, on local materials and plants, land projects, cooperation and mutual dependency; on the view from above, the prospect; on a group embarking on a joint learning curve to build the tree house; on being outside in the open, out there, out yonder.

Bronwen Bradshaw, curator Amazing Space I & II