Draw a Treehouse Day 1

Not exactly inviting weather for drawing outside this morning, but the gazebo was cosy, the sun came out at lunchtime, and those who came to draw spent most of the day in the treehouse corner, which was lovely. Animating this space with people, particularly children, is always wonderful. And they took to the trees as well (of course), and the treehouse too.

Drawing day 1

I don’t remember who wrote the following, but I’ve kept the cutting, and its words have rung in my ears since I started the Treehouse project: ‘Trees need to be lived in, whether by birds, insects, small children or the souls of poets – or, as the ancient Greeks thought, by nymphs.’ The same writer quotes Andrew Marvell from his poem ‘The Garden’ :

‘Casting the body’s vest aside, / My soul into the boughs does glide; / There like a bird it sits and sings, / Then whets and combs its silver wings.’

It’s happening.



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