Taking Shape


People keep asking me: is the tree house up? and I reply, not yet, it’s still very horizontal. Timber framing seems to me a lot like lego. You select the pieces, or in the case of timber framing, you actually MAKE the bricks, and then you join them together, which happens very fast. Our treehouse is at the ‘making the bricks’ stage, and believe me, it’s hard work, but there’s a lot of learning in it, and this knowledge can be used in every area of woodwork. Take mortise and tenon joints, for instance. The classic, simple yet strong way of creating a join between two bits of timber. Here’s one that Josh is tapping together.22.7..14


22.7..9Here’s a beautiful mortise that someone in the women’s’ team has completed (Clare?). All accomplished with a bit of power drilling and then accurate chisel work.

22.7..6And here (at the front) is Bethan’s tenon.


22.7..4Jim has decided to create two ‘teams’ for this stage: female and male. This is to do with confidence building, but also because he has observed that the sexes co-operate differently. For instance, women ‘huddle’, he tells me.


22.7..5A similar situation with men: no huddle.

At the end of another immensely hard working day we have this, in the men’s corner


And this in the women’s22.7..13

I can start to see how this is all going to end up (‘up’ being the operative word) like the design that Jim drew up from last time’s direct design in the treehouse corner. No ‘house’ yet (that’s the easy bit, Jim assures us); but a strong, sturdy platform for whatever we choose to build on it. The surrounding trees will not be used structurally as they are too young, but will enclose the space, and may well get partially incorporated into the build.22.7..3


The end of the day


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  1. It’s the same with hanging work, male and female work quite differently dare I say we negotiate better……..!


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